The brand new boutique hotel in Shipkovo, Municipality Troyan is situated in one of the oldest Bulgarian resorts – Shipkovski Mineralni Bani, in the skirts of Central Stara Planina.

     The village of Shipkovo is situated 20 km away west of Troyan on the shores of Razhgavets River.

     Distances from some of the larger towns in Bulgaria to village of Shipkovo: from Pleven- 90 km, from Lovech - 50 km, from Ruse- 220 km, from Veliko Tarnovo - 120 km, from Gabrovo - 90 km, from Varna - 350 km , from Burgas - 330 km, from Stara Zagora - 150 km, from Sofia - 180 km, from Sandanski - 320 km.

     The village was announced for Spa in 1967 and offers excellent possibilities for balneotherapy. There were situated many rest stations of the former trusts and now they are reconstructed in modern places for recreation. The climate in Shipkovo is moderate – soft winter and cool summer with average annual temperature about 10°C. It is situated from 700 m to 999 m above the sea level.

     The village is connected to village Ribaritsa by a new and well maintained road.

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