The village of Shipkovo is famous for its spa watering places since the Renaissance. The village was announced for Spa in 1967 and offers excellent possibilities for balneotherapy. There were situated many rest stations of the former trusts and now they are reconstructed in modern places for recreation. The climate in Shipkovo is moderate soft winter and cool summer with average annual temperature about 10C. It is situated from 700 m to 999 m above the sea level.

     The mineral water spring in Spa Shipkovo (2 km away from the village) is with temperature 38 and debit of 4 -10 litres per second creates excellent conditions for balneotherapy. The water helps for healing kidney, liver and stomach diseases, hypertonia and neural system diseases. The water is offered in bottles with various volumes by the local bottling company.

      Shipkovo is the starting point for one of the most exciting eco-paths, leading to the peaks of Stara Planina. For those who are keen on sport hunting there are different possibilities in the game hunting economic regions Ribaritsa and Apriltsi. There is an opportunity to find organized transport and to hire ski or snowboard teacher.   


      In the region of the resort there are 3 mineral springs. The mineral water is in the group with sulphur-calcium-magnesium composition with temperature between 180 and 350. The mineral water treating is done by drinking and spa procedures. Its chemical composition makes it suitable for treating of several groups of diseases.

      The resort is famous for its healing mineral water since the Renaissance. The Shipkovo mineral water is similar to the water in Vittel and Controlsville (France), Chianciano (Italy), Lostford (Switzerland). The only active source of sulphur-calcium water in Bulgaria is situated here.

      There are several drainages and mineral springs in the resort. The mineral water is in the group with sulphur-calcium-magnesium composition with temperature between 180 and 350. It is used for various purposes. Part of it is used for drinking, spa procedures, bottling and for swimming pools.

The treating with mineral water is done in 2 general ways - by drinking and by spa procedures.
The spring water drillings have various composition and use. It is good to know what kind of water is suitable for the particular disease.

- mineral spring from drainage L-28 - L-28 
The water is among the less salty mineral waters. Its source temperature is 180C.
Purpose: The water used for internal treatment (drinking by a prescription) of chronic diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, liver and gall diseases, chronic ulcers, gastritis, colitis, gallbladder stones, uric acid stones in the kidneys, post hepatitis conditions

- mineral spring from drainage L-36
Purpose: The water is used for external use for medical procedures - jet massage, swimming pool. It treats diseases of the musculoskeletal system and peripheral nervous system (network of nerves), arthrosis, arthritis, neuritis, disc hernia, plexitis, conditions after bone fractures.

Chemical composition of the water from drilling L-36
Anions (ml/l)   Kations (ml/l)
F 1,3   Li 0,02
SE 3,5   Na 13,4
SO4 122,6   K 1,7
HCO3 207,5   Mg 21,8

- mineral spring from drilling L-2
The mineral water from this source is used for bottling of Shipkovo Natural Mineral Water. The curative-preventive properties of mineral water are determined by the complex action of its healing factors - chemical components and specific active substances (sulfate, hydro, calcium, sodium and magnesium ions), the persistence of radium 265 as well as its hipotonicity. The water is recommended to use for balneotreatment and balneoprevention and it has a beneficial effect in the following diseases
- Metabolic-endocrinic (gout, diabetes)
- Gastrointestinal (chronic gastritis, gastroduodenitis, ulcer, enterocolitis, postoperative conditions, etc.).
- Gallbladder and liver (gall stones, chronic cholecystitis, cholangitis, cholangiohepatitis, dyskinesia of gullbladeder ways, postoperative conditions, etc.).

For balneoprevention by drinking and spa, strict compliance with the methods and dosages (amount of the approved water temperature and route of administration, duration of curative and prophylactic course) is required.

When used by inhalation it provides a beneficial effect in the following diseases:
- Upper respiratory tract (rhinitis, pharyngitis, laryngitis, etc.).
- Lung (bronchitis, post pneumonia conditions, etc.).

When used for external balneoprevention and spa, it has a beneficial effect on the following diseases: musculoskeletal system, nervous system, skin problems and others.

There is a fountain in the resort center from which flow four types of waters. They are gathered in one place for greater convenience of those who decided to drink or to pour in.
The waters are:
- For treatment of neurological and ophthalmic diseases (by prescription);
- For treatment of gastric, kidney and liver diseases (by prescription);
- Mountain spring water;
- Table mineral water.

It is important to know that the healing effect of taking mineral water through the digestive system is faster than balneotreatment. This is due to the direct contact of the mineral substances and radioactive elements with the aqueous environment of the body.

In the treatment by drinking mineral water it is necessary to know a few basic rules:
1. Mineral water is always drunk before a meal, sip by sip.
2. It is possible some mineral waters to have a laxative effect, it is individual.
3. When transporting mineral water, the containers should be tightly closed, otherwise it is likely to decrease its therapeutic effect.
4. Most general recommendations for drinking water is to drink 200-250 ml 30-60 minutes before meals.
5. In the initial consumption of mineral waters it is desirable to start by taking 2-3 sips during the first few days and in the following days the dose should be increased gradually until it reaches 200-250 ml.
6. Some mineral waters are not suitable for people having ulcerative and gastric problems.
7. However, it is desirable before continuous consumption of mineral water to consult a specialist.

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