The bath is known from ancient times. It was used for hygienic and healing procedures. During the centuries people invented various baths, but all with one purpose to increase the resistance to deceases and stresses.

     Such baths were known for a long time in Russia. Russian steam baths had been built along river banks and lake shores. In the past it looked like cellar with two rooms:
       • Rest room
       • Bathroom and steam room (sauna)

     The bath helps for the human well-being:
     It decreases the nervous and muscles strains, fatigue. It protects against colds and purifies the skin. The sweat, along with the hot air, clears the skin pores from dead cells and creates conditions they to be replaced by new ones. The microbes die because of the high temperature. The sharp temperature change during the steam procedure and the cold water cooling increases the blood delivery to the skin and stimulates the blood circulation.

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     The bath heals. It was observed that during outbreaks of flu if one visits such bath regularly decreases the risk of getting ill
4 times. This is related to organism getting stronger and immunity building against cold and infections.

     The bath is useful for people suffering by rheumatism, radiculitis and profession-related diseases of the locomotory system. The bath increases the muscles flexibility and decreases the pain. The doctors use such baths as a way to heal patients with kidneys diseases. The steam bath helps for treating of diabetis as it takes the sugar out of the body and normalizes the body weight.

     Its usually enough to get steamed and sweat well, and if you have a cold in the beginning to forget all about it.

     The steam room is extremely useful when its filled with the scent of birch, oak or lime besom.

     The bath increases the blood circulation in the organs, makes the heart and lungs work better, activates the metabolism. The
mood is good, the nerve system is calmed, the fatigue is gone, the appetite is better.

     All these create a feeling for exhilaration and free movement as the bath is accessible and useful to anyone.

     To make your stay pleasant and useful before you enter a Russian Bath, you should choose a whisk.

     The birch whisk is the most popular and spread throughout Russia. The birch whisk branches are steady and suitable for massage. During the procedure the leaves absorb the moisture ideally. They contain ascorbic acid, hyperozoid and tanning extract, carotene, saponins, phytonicides, and ethereal oils influencing the organism in best way. The birch whisk influences in favorable way the dull joints pain, cleanses the skin, increases the wound and bruises healing, reduces stress, and improves the lungs functioning. For smokers and asthma suffering people, the birch whisk is irreplaceable.

      The oak whisk is also popular and has its respect, but its effect is slightly different from the birch whisks one. In fact the oak whisk leaves do not absorb the sweat, the skin becomes thicker and the perspiration process is slowed up. The oak leaves contain ethereal oils and colouring agents, pentosans cleansing the skin.They have anti-inflammatory effect. The specialists assert that the containing in the oak whisk substances decrease the blood pressure in hypertonia, tranquilize the nervous system and cause a healing effect to many skin problems.
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